InnovateIT is an IT business case, island-wide competition organised by the School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University. It aims at promoting the use of IT to improve business value, in a fun and engaging manner. The whole idea of initiating the competition is to inspire students to invest their innovative ideas in the field of IT.

Students from across the island are welcome to participate in this competition where their unique ideas will be nurtured. After successful registration with their respective institutions, teams will be invited for a business case briefing a month before the actual competition. Following this, on the competition day, the teams will be required to pitch their unique solutions to the jury. The teams might be challenged further by being asked to make slight amendments to their solutions for the case scenario. Facing a tough competition from their fellow competitors, the main target of the teams will be to convince the jury that their ideas are of the greatest potential. So, challenge yourself today and bring out the best in you! Join innovateIT'14!

innovateIT'14 WINNERS!